75 million people do not have access to an appropriate wheelchair and there is an urgent need for supportive pediatric wheelchairs. The cost basis is approximately $20B, so Invigorate is implementing a diversified revenue strategy, to help solve this, by leveraging business, technology, and partnerships to transform lives for good.

Invigorate is recruiting business people to join Advisory Groups to mentor, advise, and lead young leaders to operate profitable businesses, and Invigorate business units, to subsidize wheelchairs. Churches are full of business professionals who desire to use their business acumen to be a part of something bigger and this creates the opportunity for meaningful long-term impact.

Invigorate will use technology to control policies, processes, procedures, and maintain oversight. All resources, training courses, processes, communications, finances, governance, reporting, inventory, and accountability measures will be on a secure online platform. The platform will also be marketed as a Software as a Service product, to subsidize wheelchairs and to equip organizations, like Mission Hospitals, to use the platform to generate their own revenues.

Invigorate will coordinate strategic partnerships to focus on four strategic objectives:

Partnering with Mission Hospitals
Mission Hospitals are locally owned and operated, with strong community health programs, active local ministries, working with local government health initiatives, serving a significant referral base, and have growing lists of individuals waiting for wheelchairs. There are more than 75 Mission Hospitals in Africa, and they are the ideal, established, local distribution network for appropriate provisioning of wheelchairs.

Leading Advisory Groups
Advisory Groups of medical and business professionals, including researchers, doctors, occupational therapists, physical therapists, nurses, prosthetists, pastors, biomedical engineers, and administrators, have the expertise to support provisioning of wheelchairs through Mission Hospitals. Invigorate is forming partnerships with organizations, including sending agencies, business incubators, accelerators, and operators, that have the experience to stabilize and scale the subsidization of wheelchairs without re-inventing curriculum and programming.

Developing Sustainable Revenue Streams
Invigorate will develop sustainable revenue streams from donors, product and commercial revenues, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, to provide wheelchairs at an affordable price.
Operating Modern Manufacturing Facilities Invigorate will operate modern manufacturing facilities in strategic countries to make wheelchairs locally to reduce cost, establish consistent availability, simplify logistics, increase serviceability, and to meet local demand.

Everyone who is lifted off the ground and appropriately seated on a wheelchair experiences a better quality of life, improved earning potential, and better acceptance in their community. The goal is to deliver each wheelchair with a message of hope.

The exciting benefits and network effects of this strategy will allow Invigorate to be a factory of factories, so each effort increases the repeatability and scalability of additional iterations of the same. For example, Invigorate will recruit metal fabricators to advise early manufacturing operations, which will expedite manufacturing in other countries.

Composited image illustrating wheelchair manufacturing
Invigorate will recruit metal fabricators to advise early manufacturing operations.

This is compelling and necessary work, to transform lives for good, by helping millions of people to achieve a better quality of life by providing an appropriately provisioned wheelchair through Mission Hospitals