Invigorate Strategy Diagram

Invigorate Strategy: Procurement, Manufacturing, Operations, Sustainability, Technology, Advisory Groups

Invigorate is implementing a diversified revenue strategy by leveraging business, technology, and partnerships to transform lives for good. This diagram shows the main objectives and the pink lines are the current areas of focus.

Diagram: Procurement, Manufacturing, Operations, Sustainability, Advisory Groups, and Technology
Diagram: Procurement, Manufacturing, Operations, Sustainability, Advisory Groups, and Technology

Invigorate has implemented a web platform that powers site and has additional functionality that lays the foundation for additional opportunities. The pink lines illustrate the current areas of focus:

  • Education: The platform has a Learning Management System (LMS) module that members of The Catalyst Team will use for clinical care and spiritual care training at Mission Hospitals. Invigorate will use these features to onboard and train Advisory Group members on core policies, processes, and procedures.
  • Advisory Groups: Invigorate is actively recruiting business and manufacturing professionals to advise on business and manufacturing objectives. The platform has group forum, wiki, management, and communication tools that Invigorate will use these features to engage and moderate each group. Invigorate has also been preparing the core Policies, Processes, and Procedures and will use the LMS features to onboard and train Advisory Group members.
  • Fundraising: Invigorate will add customizable fundraising features to engage individuals and groups to host fundraising campaigns to help provide wheelchairs and to keep Invigorate donors informed.
  • Software as a Service: The entire platform will be marketed as a Software as a Service product so other organizations and Mission Hospitals can deploy the same technology in their organizations.

This is compelling and necessary work, to transform lives for good, by helping millions of people to achieve a better quality of life by providing an appropriately provisioned wheelchair through Mission Hospitals. Please consider supporting Invigorate by donating today.

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Catalyst Team

The Catalyst team is composed of volunteer researchers, doctors, occupational therapists, physical therapists, nurses, prosthetists, pastors, biomedical engineers, and business operators. Our goal is to support and equip mission hospitals to provide optimal whole-person care for those with disabilities, with a special focus on wheelchair users.

Invigorate Partnerships

Invigorate is forming partnerships with organizations, business networks, incubators, and accelerators that have the experience, curriculum, and programming to support four strategic objectives: Partnering with Mission Hospitals, Leading Advisory Groups, Developing Sustainable Revenue Streams, and Operating Modern Manufacturing Facilities.


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