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Invigorate will recruit business people to join Advisory Groups to mentor, advise, and lead young leaders to operate businesses and Invigorate businesses units. Invigorate will use technology to control policies, processes, and procedures, while maintaining full oversight, but these advisory groups will play a vital role to help stabilize operations and to manufacture wheelchairs at scale.

The goal is to lead a movement of Advisory Groups empowering an ecosystem of business initiatives that generate revenues for the purpose of subsidizing wheelchairs.

Invigorate will recruit business people to join Advisory Groups to mentor, advise, and lead young leaders to operate business and Invigorate businesses units. For example, Invigorate will recruit people with metal fabrication experience to advise on manufacturing operations or marketing people to guide the marketing department. Churches are full of business professionals who desire to use their business acumen to be a part of something bigger and this creates the opportunity for meaningful long-term impact. Invigorate will pair in-country business leaders with each Advisory Group to help provide local context. Eventually Invigorate will coordinate additional Advisory Groups, like biomedical engineers, to consult on new wheelchair projects or Advisory Groups to explore new revenue streams.

Josh has already recruited an advisory group to help him advise and lead him to operate Invigorate.

Invigorate will lead a working group to discuss how to support and equip mission hospitals to provide wheelchair users. The Catalyst Team is a group of Christian Professionals; however, the working group will be an open group to maintain dialogue between a broader group of interested parties, including Catalyst Team members, Mission Hospital leaders, government healthcare workers, university personnel, wheelchair professionals, and wheelchair manufacturers.

The Catalyst Team will coordinate volunteers and Invigorate will help lead trips and engagement with volunteers after trips, to help create awareness, increase financial support, and to recruit to Advisory Groups. Invigorate will also support Advisory Groups of volunteers with specific medical, research, or educational focus.

Advisory Group will open soon, by invite only (for now).

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Catalyst Team

The Catalyst team is composed of volunteer researchers, doctors, occupational therapists, physical therapists, nurses, prosthetists, pastors, biomedical engineers, and business operators. Our goal is to support and equip mission hospitals to provide optimal whole-person care for those with disabilities, with a special focus on wheelchair users.

Invigorate Partnerships

Invigorate is forming partnerships with organizations, business networks, incubators, and accelerators that have the experience, curriculum, and programming to support four strategic objectives: Partnering with Mission Hospitals, Leading Advisory Groups, Developing Sustainable Revenue Streams, and Operating Modern Manufacturing Facilities.


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